We empower organizations to create lasting, positive transformation

using the 4-D cycle of Appreciative Inquiry.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a collaborative approach to change that unleashes the existing strengths of an organization as the basis for inspired vision, energetic action, and sustained growth. (Learn more>>)

The 4-D Cycle

The 4-D Cycle is one of the most powerful design elements within an AI initiative.  Once learned, it has the potential to transform your organization from top to bottom. (Learn more>>)

How We Help

Explore how 4-D Catalyst can guide you through every step of the Appreciative Inquiry process, from initial planning to Design and Destiny. (Learn more>>)

Let's Start with Coffee.

The best way to learn about AI is through conversation.  Let’s have a quick chat over coffee (or phone, or Skype) to explore Appreciative Inquiry and see if it might make a difference for your organization.

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