David Reed

David Reed

Chief Engagement Officer

David has been a trainer and coach for over 20 years. He has served as a Senior Training and Education Analyst for the University of Pennsylvania and has provided consulting services to a diverse list of clients, including American Express, AT&T, Yale University Hospital, University of California, and NYU.

David developed a passion for Appreciative Inquiry while studying Positive Psychology with former Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar.  David saw the revolutionary potential of AI as a tool for unleashing human potential.  He was thrilled to discover a fully developed paradigm that encourages bold vision, celebrates human magnificence, and aligns individual and organizational purpose – all while remaining grounded in rigorous methodology and sound principles.

David received training in AI from The Center for Appreciative Inquiry.  He has a degree in Philosophy from Emory University, a Certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP), and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and Gottman 7-Principles Educator.

When working with clients of 4-D Catalyst, David provides services as a solo consultant, but may call upon his network of trusted AI peers for larger initiatives.

David lives in Philadelphia with his amazing wife, Elizabeth Shammash.  When he is not being a husband or an AI Consultant, he enjoys mountaineering, backpacking, and dog wrangling.

David Reed is an extraordinary leader with compassion, intelligence, and vision.  He rejoices in other people’s success, and delivers what he promises, all with an endearing humility and friendliness.

The innovative program that David designed turned into one of the most exhilarating, challenging, freeing experiences of my life.  It never would have happened without the creativity, encouragement, and imagination of David Reed.

Ilan Feldman

Rabbi, Beth Jacob Synagogue, Atlanta

Working with David is not about getting to the next level…it’s about blowing the lid off.  I have the feeling that I can do anything.

Wendy LIppard

Seminar Leader, Keynote Speaker

David is a phenomenal trainer, teacher, and frankly, an amazing leader. I have personally watched him work with groups of five to fifty people; he is charismatic and inventive in every encounter he has. He has the ability to see a ‘big picture’, and gets people to see themselves as effective major players in that picture. He transforms concerns, confusion, and doubt into self-efficacy and agency. He’s consistent and keeps his commitments almost to a fault. He raises the bar most of us recognize as ‘Customer Service’ by always being clear, kind, accurate, and relevant.

Kathy Foley

RN, MSN, FNP-C, Emory University